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Airbnb Knowledge Repository sample view

Airbnb open sources data-science-sharing platform

The knowledge-sharing framework, still in beta, is designed to bring the discipline of computer-code sharing to data analysis.

bob beauchamp bmc

Visiting with BMC, a couple of years post privatization

Away from the glare of the private markets, BMC has quietly been shaking up its business. What stage are they currently at?

100515 microsoft linux

Azure Service Fabric enters public beta for Linux workloads

Developers who want help running Linux- and Java-based microservice applications will have a new Microsoft service to take for a spin, starting later this month.

bob beauchamp bmc ceo

BMC jumps on the 'make everyone a developer' bandwagon

If software is eating the world, then developer platforms are giving it teeth. BMC wants a piece of the action.

hpe hewlett packard enterprise palo alto headquarters office

HPE: I really want to believe, but you make it so hard

I've had a tenuous relationship with the company now known as HPE over the years. This week's news of a spin-off and merge doesn't make that any easier.

digital marketing ts

Alfresco uses FUD to gain attention, misses the real point

Every time a vendor criticizes the opposition for being "consumer-grade," a little kitten dies. And so it is with Alfresco.

7 Ways to Supercharge Your Personal Cloud Storage

SAP Hybris rolls out its modular microservices marketplace. Is this a better approach to building an ecosystem?

The name may not roll easily off the tongue but SAP Hybris is hoping that YaaS, its new Hybris-as-a-Service platform, will help it strike a blow to Salesforce.

150914 salesforce dreamforce 2

Apttus is doing fine, SteelBrick acquisition notwithstanding

When Salesforce acquired CPQ vendor SteelBrick, many suggested it was a kiss of death for competitor Apttus. Not so, says the company.

it of the future

How to prepare for the IT department of the future

In the IT industry, change is the only constant. So how can IT professionals best prepare themselves for the future? Follow these steps.

150914 salesforce dreamforce 2

Salesforce causes partner pain with SteelBrick acquisition

When Salesforce announced its $300 million acquisition of SteelBrick at the end of last year, one could almost hear the groans from those vendors who are both SteelBrick competitors and a part of the broader Salesforce ecosystem.

filling legacy tech skills gap

4 ways companies can close the legacy tech skills gap

One of the best ways to encourage younger IT professionals to learn legacy skills and technology is by starting where they do -- in schools and universities.

7 mac migration dangers to avoid

CIO: 7 Mac migration dangers to avoid

Apple’s offer to the enterprise is better than it has ever been, so what should CIOs switching to the OS X platform watch out for when they migrate?

abstract complexity

How to reduce IT complexity and increase agility

Overlapping, outdated systems cost money, hobble innovation and confuse employees and customers. How to tackle the tangle? 5 execs share strategies for simplifying your tech stack.

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