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MWC HP HPE booth sign

HPE offers an escape from the aging HP-UX OS -- with containers

Hewlett Packard Enterprises' HP-UX OS has been around for more than 30 years, and users may be looking to move on from the Unix-based OS.

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Health tips for Unix systems

Things to watch and tools to use to make sure your Unix/Linux systems maintain their health and vigor

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Book Review: Practical Packet Analysis: Using Wireshark to Solve Real-World Network Problems

The 3rd edition of this book will have you confidently using Wireshark to solve the kind of problems you're likely to run into. You'll be capturing and analyzing packets, understanding network protocols, and gaining important insights...

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The beauty of links on Unix servers

Symbolic and hard links can save both time and disk space. In this post, you will see how they are different and how they are created and used.

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Nine ways to compare files on Unix

There are lots of ways to compare files on Unix systems and some of the choices are going to be just right for you

windows cloud

Windows as a service? Now, there’s an argument for Linux

Microsoft wants to control your Windows 10 desktop. Now are you ready to try a Linux desktop?

06 password

The secrets of password aging on Unix systems

It's not quite as hard as it sometimes seems


Humble Bundle lassos Python

Humble Bundle and No Starch Press have pulled together to offer a really sweet deal on digital books on Python.

vintage tech computer PC desktop antique 8-bit unix

How to learn Unix/Linux

Some tips for how to get started and how to stay on track for learning how to be a command line pro.

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Lesser known but still handy Linux commands

Some of the less obvious Linux commands might still come in very handy from time to time


Unix tip: Using bash on Windows

The relatively new bash on Ubuntu on Windows brings some new possibilities to Windows users

linux distros 11

Which Linux distros should newbies use?

A fresh look at some of the more popular Linux distros (plus one non-Linux OS), and an impression of their ease of use.

future anesthetics ii

UNIX: Computers and art meet face-to-face

What do art and Unix have in common?

halt jochen spalding

There's more than one way to kill a Unix process

There are even more ways to kill a process on a Unix/Linux system than there are ways to skin a cat.

sniffing out martingreffe

Sniffing out Unix processes using pgrep

Easy ways to pull together important and interesting stats on your running processes -- using the pgrep command

Security online

Eleven-year-old root Linux kernel flaw found and patched

Linux system administrators should watch for kernel updates for their distributions and apply them as soon as possible because they fix a local privilege escalation flaw that could lead to a full system compromise.

sandra simpson

The many faces of grep

The everlastingly useful grep command can change its character in very interesting ways with the flip of a switch

System76 Ibex Pro

Meet the $114,725 Ubuntu server with eight Nvidia Tesla P100 GPUs

The Ibex Pro is one supercharged machine that will probably hurt your electric bill.

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