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IBM's Watson offices on Astor Place, New York City

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Ultimate guide to setting up a small business Wi-Fi network

Here are some important considerations that smaller businesses need to bear in mind in order to have a safe, reliable Wi-Fi network.

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Small businesses now get CRM tool with their Office subscription

Microsoft launched Monday its Outlook Customer Manager, a lightweight CRM system. It allows users to track their customers, manage deals in progress, track tasks and more -- all from their Outlook email client.

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17% off Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i Mobile Document Scanner - Deal Alert

The ScanSnap S1300i is the smallest multi-page double-sided ScanSnap scanner for one-button ease of use at the desk or on the road. Just stack up to 10 pages and press the blue button. Currently discounted 17%.

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Microsoft wants to help small businesses book appointments online

Small business owners are getting a new feature tailored just for them in Microsoft Office 365 -- a full service system for scheduling appointments for their services on the internet.

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SAP's ERP app for small biz gets an overhaul

The digital transformation imperative is becoming increasingly urgent for companies large and small, and SAP wants to help. On Wednesday, the ERP giant set its sights squarely on SMBs with an updated app that's been enriched with...

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47% Off Canon All-In-One Printer with Mobile Tablet Printing with Airprint and Google Cloud Print capabilities - Deal Alert

This all-in-one printer from Canon allows you to print with many powerful options including AirPrint(tm), Google Cloud Print, Morphia and the Canon PRINT app.

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Need e-commerce for your SMB? SAP has a cloud tool for you

Enabling e-commerce capabilities isn't a trivial matter for companies small or large, but SAP has a new tool it thinks will help SMBs in particular.

apple wins the battle for enterprise hearts and minds

Apple wins the battle for enterprise hearts and minds

When given the choice more employees choose Apple than ever before


Apple’s Liam is a robot that takes apart your iPhone for recycling

Apple shared some details on what it does with the iPhone after it is returned.

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'Mac is key for any modern enterprise' -- SAP

Recently updated Mac in Business pages say Apple is good for business


Macs replacing PCs across enterprise at ‘unprecedented rate,' survey claims

Apple is on the cusp of gaining the kind of market command it has not held in over 20 years.

5 reasons the enterprise should take a look at ipad pro

5 reasons enterprise users should consider the iPad Pro

The iPad Pro has a lot to offer enterprise IT

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Google boosts its enterprise chops with Apps for Work partnerships

As Google Apps for Work keeps growing, the company tries to increase enterprises' interest in its products with a suite of recommended partners.

Reputation is everything

Lessons from a serial entrepreneur: Reputation is everything

How can a small to midsize company compete against the marketing budgets of their biggest rivals? A serial entrepreneur finds a way by digitizing and amplifying the power of reputation.

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‘Every Mac we buy is making and saving IBM money’ - IBM

In a large scale enterprise deployment, is the TCO of a Mac becoming lower than that of a PC?

ibm tells us why it support hate macs

Now we know why IT support hate Macs

The latest IBM report is attracting attention because, it pretty much tells any open-minded person that Macs are a better deal, even in the enterprise.

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How to build an SMB network in 9 easy steps

Building a successful network for companies that typically lack full-time IT staff.

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Review: Can a NAS box run your entire SMB?

New network-attached storage devices add app server and Web server capabilities.

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