Aren't we done with school YET?

This IT pilot fish has years of experience with PCs and a stack of certifications for dealing with various pieces of equipment. But on short notice, he's told he needs to take a week-long training class offered by a vendor.

Why do I need to go? asks fish. "So you can work on our customer's servers," manager tells him.

Fish does the course, collects his new certification and is promptly sent to the site of a big client with a server problem.

After a quick look at the equipment, fish spots a red light on one of the hot-swappable RAID drives. He pulls the drive and installs a new one. The storage system rebuilds itself. Everything is fine. Fish returns to his office.

That's where he runs into the big boss. Is this why you sent me to school for a week, fish asks, so I could swap a RAID drive like I've done a dozen times before?

Reports fish, "The big boss didn't know what the manager told me. She just gave me the facts: 'We had a bunch of dealer points left over -- and if we didn't use them, we'd lose them.'"

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