Thanks, boss!

This IT pilot fish is working for a state agency, but he's got an unpleasant boss and he's looking for a change.

"I had been looking for another job and finally landed one in December, and agreed to start in January the following year, a little over three weeks away," fish says.

"The reason for this was the state agency I was to be working for and the one I was working at already always took the last two weeks of December off -- one of the very few perks of working for state government."

With the new job nailed down, fish goes to his boss to resign. He explains that he's willing to finish working out the year if he can get paid for his unused vacation time, which amounts to a little under two weeks.

But his boss goes ballistic, and yells at fish to pack up and leave immediately.

That's when fish has a sudden revelation. He tells the boss he will do as requested -- but that means he'll have to take all of his vacation except for two days, which he'll take in January. That will have to serve as his two-weeks' notice.

"My boss suddenly turned red as he realized I would thus get the additional two weeks of state leave off," says fish. "That meant I would be getting nearly a month's paid vacation and would not be coming back!

"My boss then ran to HR, which told him there was nothing they could do, since I was correct.

"While my boss was in HR, I walked around to a few friends, explained what was going on and then left within the hour for my very relaxing extended vacation before reporting to my new job."

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