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Programmer pilot fish is hired by a city government and quickly gains a pair of nicknames. "I was called 'the Gateway guy' because my employer started swapping out the Macs for PCs right as I got hired, and I helped our tech accomplish this feat," says fish.

"I would occasionally help the tech, so one day, I went up to the main floor to help a lady who just loved calling me the FNG."

Fish knows what the acronym FNG stands for. (Hint: The last two words are "new guy.") But he calmly asks the user what the problem is, and she tells him: Her Mac's screen is dark after it suddenly quit working.

I'll look at it, fish tells her, and she goes off to get a cup of coffee.

Fish is no Mac expert, but he starts with the basics, checking to see if all the cables are tightly secured. Then he looks under the desk to make sure it's plugged in.

The power outlet box comes out of the floor right where the user's feet would be -- and right next to it is the power cord.

"I plugged the cord back in and powered the machine back up," fish says.

"This lady walked back in a minute later and was amazed to see her computer up and running again. She said, 'So just how did the Gateway guy fix my Mac?'

"I told her, quietly, that she had kicked her power cord loose and I simply plugged it back in.

"She thanked me for not announcing that out loud. We have been friends ever since."

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