Another nice mess

Sysadmin pilot fish is awakened by a call just after midnight: A job has failed on a batch run, and the computer operator wants to know what to do.

"I asked the operator to get me a few more details off the screen while I got ready to dial in and look at the fault," says fish.

In the meantime, a second operator -- sitting just five feet from the first one -- also spots the problem and dials fish's number to report it and ask what to do.

His call goes straight to voice mail, so the irritated second operator decides to call fish's boss and complain that fish isn't answering his phone.

First operator comes back on the line with fish and says, "It's OK -- the other operator couldn't contact you, so your boss is looking at the fault." Fish points out that the reason the second operator couldn't get hold of him is that fish is on the phone with the first operator.

"I then had to phone my boss to explain what happened," fish says. "As he had all the details, he offered to fix the fault anyway.

"I have now changed my ring tone for the operators to the Laurel and Hardy theme song."

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