Cleanliness is next to ...

Pilot fish at this international organization gets a panicked call from a system administrator in Africa. "The switch configuration is gone," sysadmin tells fish.

Which network switch? How do you know? fish asks.

"Level 1 and 3," sysadmin says. "I can't get into the switch and it's missing its configuration after I took it down."

Why did you take the switch down? Were you trying to correct an error through a reboot?

"No, I took it down to clean it."


"Yes, I took the switch out of the rack to clean it," sysadmin says nervously.

Why would you do that?

"It was dirty."

Sighs fish, "I asked if he did anything to the backbone switch, and he said no. I told him to leave it alone and check the fiber connections.

"Sure enough, that's what the problem was -- he took the switches down for Simonizing and when he put the fiber network cables back in they were reversed."

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