At least he described it accurately

User catches this IT pilot fish in the hallway and asks her to look at his PC, because Microsoft Outlook takes soooo long to come up when he launches it.

"I thought maybe he was referring to a Citrix log-in problem, as my organization works in a Citrix environment," says fish. "I watched him log into Outlook and saw a reminder window pop up."

Then several more reminders appear. And more. And still more.

When the count reaches about 20, user tells fish that this is going to take a while.

Fish offers to clean them out while user goes back to his meeting.

"Apparently he had not been 'dismissing' any of his appointment reminders in quite some time," fish says. "It took over an hour for all the reminders to finally come up. And no wonder -- this user had 1,611 of them.

"I have now shown him how to dismiss an appointment, so hopefully they won't stack up again."

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