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This minicomputer keeps failing for no apparent reason, reports a pilot fish on the scene.

"This has been going on for three months," fish says. "Engineers had been out to check the machine and could find nothing wrong.

"One day I was working behind the computer and touched the main 400-volt connection -- and shot 2 feet backward."

Fish returns to his office shaking his hand, trying to get rid of the tingling sensation -- and trying to brush down his hair, which is sticking up.

Once he's a little more composed, he proceeds to tell his boss that he has identified the problem with the minicomputer.

"An engineer came out and swapped the power supply unit and the problem never appeared again," says fish.

"And the comment from my boss? 'If you had been really badly electrocuted, we would have taken you outside, put you up against a lamppost and sued the city.'"

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