Anytime, redefined

Pilot fish takes a new job at a company that pays for IT employees' broadband Internet at home, so they can connect at any time and make system changes.

"I called the local cable company and requested that it be installed and billed to the company," says fish. "No problem -- on Wednesday, it was installed, and I enjoyed it for a few days until Friday, when I came home and it was nonfunctional.

"Of course, you can't reach the small-town cable company until Monday, so I was without Internet over the weekend. It was fixed on Tuesday."

But on Friday, fish comes home to, once more, no Internet.

The week after, it's the same thing. And the week after that.

Then, one Saturday, a server needs a reset -- but fish can't log in to do it, because her Internet is off again.

It takes an hour for her to travel to the data center -- a delay that costs the company plenty.

After that, fish threatens to go find another broadband provider if someone at the cable company can't explain why her connection keeps getting shut off.

"They finally admitted that shutoffs were always done on Fridays," fish says. "I had them check the list and, sure enough, my name was on the list.

"It seems that because my company paid for the broadband, it was decided that they would only approve it for weekdays.

"I guess having Internet supplied only while I was at work and at location was not thought out too well."

This week marks exactly 10 years since Sharky started retelling your true tales of IT life. Hard to believe anybody could spend that much time hanging around a water cooler, huh?

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