That would be a no, right?

User at this big-truck dealership is having trouble getting a Web link to work, so he e-mails support pilot fish at the main office.

User: "Can you get this link to work? I sent it to my home computer (triple the size of my work computer) but after half hour still won't load contents. ????"

Fish: "I had no problem with it. You have to use Internet Explorer 6, as this site doesn't support IE 7."

User: "You will have to forgive my naiveness -- what is Internet Explorer 6 and how do I access it?"

Fish: "It's what you use to get on the Internet. It's Microsoft's software."

User: "I have IE 7 loaded now. How do I reverse to IE 6?"

Fish: [gives uninstall instructions via Add/Remove Programs]

User: "Is that the same as Microsoft SQL server 7.0?"

Fish: "Yes -- just as a Mack truck is the same as a Kia."

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