Google releases fifth and final Android 7.0 Nougat developer preview

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Well, this is exciting. It seems like just last month (or was it the beginning of this month -- who can keep track anymore?) there was an Android announcement, and now here is another. 

Android has released its fifth and final developer preview for Android 7.0 Nougat. So what can we expect in this version? And how much longer until we see the final Nougat release?

In IT Blogwatch, we wait for some cats (you'll get it by the end).

A developer preview? What do we know about it so far? Kellex gives us some background:

Android N Developer Preview 5 just got looks like all supported devices are getting Android build NPD90G. Note...this is the final developer preview before the stable version rolls out “later this summer.”

Great, so what is such a big deal about the final developer preview? Liam Tung answers the big questions:

This release...offer[s] developers and beta testers the "near final system images" for supported...devices.
The update gives developers the final user interface and APIs to test their apps against, and ensure they're ready for Android [behavior] changes, such as the battery and memory [optimizations] with Doze on the Go, Google's Project Svelte background...and security related permission changes.

Great, great. But what should developers do with the final preview? Google gives some instructions:

Developers...can take advantage of new...features in Android N such as Multi-window support, Direct Reply and other notifications enhancements, Direct boot, new emojis and more.
After testing your should publish the updates to Google Play soon. We recommend compiling against, and optionally targeting, API 24 and then publishing to your alpha, beta, or production channels in the Google Play Developer Console. 

So that's it? We're just one version closer to the final release of Android Nougat? Well, there is something else (here is where that cat reference comes into play). Ryan Whitwam explains:

The fifth and final Android Nougat developer preview has arrived, and with it...the new Android Easter Egg...this time we get a built-in version of Neko Atsume -- a kitty collector. Can you entice all the cats to visit your phone?
You'll just see an empty dish icon. add something...a cat might like, for example a whole fish or chicken. Then you...wait, and eventually a cat will appear...You can rename and share the cats, if you so choose...That's the gist of it. You have to admit, it's a little more abstract than past Easter Eggs.

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