Comparing 3 top project management tools: Trello vs. Monday vs. Asana

We look at three of the most popular tools for keeping projects on track — each takes a slightly different approach and will appeal to different types of users.

If you’re shopping for an online project management tool, you could be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed. Luckily, there are three good ones that are free — or at least free to try — so that you can find a good fit for managing your deadlines and projects.

We decided to check out popular online services that are all good choices for assigning work and tracking progress — Trello, Monday and Asana. Each takes a slightly different approach, however, so we considered how each of these tools might appeal to different types of users. Let’s take a look.


Target audience: Project owners who want an elegant way to keep on top of things, for ongoing projects. 

Trello uses an elegant, visual approach to project management. The interface features an agile-inspired Kanban board, with columns of tasks displayed on cards. It’s a very efficient and friendly to see what’s coming, in progress, or done.

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