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Samsung faces lawsuit from Note7 owners who couldn’t use their phones

Samsung’s problems with lawsuits from alleged victims of overheating batteries in the Galaxy Note7 smartphone could get compounded by consumers suing for compensation of carrier charges.


5 Apple lessons Samsung must learn after its Note 7 disaster

To innovate succesfully Samsung has to focus on itself, not its competitor

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Samsung raises recall deals to retain Note7 customers

In a bid to retain customers, Samsung Electronics is giving larger financial incentives to people who choose to exchange the recalled Galaxy Note7 for another smartphone from the company, rather than seek a refund.

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Samsung’s Galaxy Note7 from hell

While production of the Note7 has stopped, it's imperative that Samsung figure out what went wrong and lay out the details publicly.

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The Note7 is dead: What Samsung must do now

There is a split opinion over whether the successor phone should be named the Note8 or adopt an entirely new moniker, to avoid reminding consumers of a device that can catch fire in their pants.

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Samsung halts production of exploding Galaxy Note7s for good

After a series of incidents with both the original Samsung Galaxy Note7 phones and their replacements, Samsung is stopping production of the fire-prone devices, this time for good.

Galaxy Note7 may be headed for the dump as carriers cancel sales

Samsung's Galaxy Note7 smartphone may be headed for the trash bin, amid new reports that a handful of replacement units have overheated.

Analysts ask: Did Samsung cut corners in shipping Note7 replacements?

The company's investigating whether the unit that caused the evacuation of a Southwest jet was indeed a replacement.

with viv samsung challenges appleand google

With Viv, Samsung challenges Apple…and Google

Who will be the new BlackBerry?

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Samsung is buying A.I.-powered virtual assistant Viv -- here's why

Apple has Siri, Microsoft has Cortana and Google has the Google Assistant -- Samsung didn't want to get left out of the party.

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Why 90% of customers still want their Note7

There's some debate about whether the number can indeed be that high, and what happened to the other 10% of Note7 users -- if they've already gone to another device or just opted not to do anything at all.

boring but record setting iphone 7 shows hope beats hype

‘Boring’, record-setting iPhone 7 shows hope beats hype

Apple's new iPhone is defying the picture given by an out of touch media

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The anatomy of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall

Apparently, gently suggesting that people return Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones that might have been prone to exploding wasn't a strong enough move.

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Samsung Galaxy S8: Release date, headphone jack, camera, code names and more

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is likely still almost six months away, so that means that everyone is talking about it now.

Exploding Galaxy Note 7 totals family Jeep

More Note 7 smartphones have burst into flames, one totaling a Jeep; three Australian airlines have banned the use of the Note 7 during flights and the FAA is also considering a ban.

Galaxy Note 7 recall: What to do with the phone until it is replaced?

Some suggestions: Watch the device as it's charging and stop if it overheats, or take it back to the place it was bought and see if the retailer can help.

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall -- what you need to know

Few people want their new smartphone exploding. Which is why some people were disappointed when the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 did just that. While only a small portion of the new flagship phones have caught fire, it was enough for the...

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Samsung Gear S3 Classic and Frontier -- big watches with big changes

Samsung announced two new smartwatches at IFA this year: the Samsung Gear S3 Classic and Frontier. While the two devices are mostly the same, they do sport some important differences, between each other and their predecessor, the Gear...


Samsung (sort of) tells Galaxy owners to use Apple Music

Samsung says no more Milk service in US, promises to integrate partners in its devices, I say why not use Apple Music?

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Samsung to sell refurbished smartphones -- what you should know

Samsung is reportedly going to start refurbishing old smartphones to sell at a discounted rate to customers who want high-end products, but not at high-end prices. So what are the high-end details?

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