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2021 Data Maturity Model

Your journey to becoming a more data mature business starts here

5 Steps to Making Better Security Decisions

In this report, we define a process for making better decisions faster, first by addressing alert fatigue to make better decisions, and then by introducing situational understanding to make these decisions faster.

eBook | Presented by SoftChoice

A guide to the future of work.

IT investments are becoming more strategic and  the role of IT is key in the success of the future of work in every company.

Geospatial Data Ecosystem

SafeGraph compiled a list of providers across the most common geospatial data categories. This list does not include geospatial software providers, although some companies listed do provide both software and data. While we include anonymized mobility data, we have chosen not to include individual-level consumer data or other personally identifiable information (PII). Other categories of geospatial data exist, such as those that include PII. This ecosystem maps the most common geospatial data categories that do not include PII.

Improving Outcomes and Capabilities in Healthcare with Document Scanning

Accelerate digital transformation, reduce costs, and enhance patient care with the right scanning solution.

Introducing Reed Taussig

In this webinar, Reed Taussig, newly named CEO of the RSA Anti-Fraud Business Unit, sits down with IDG to discuss the latest trends in financial fraud, how businesses are responding, and outline his vision for fighting fraud in the new business landscape.

White Paper | Presented by Netgear

NETGEAR's networking is a perfect fit for healthcare

The healthcare profession depends on reliable connectivity more than ever. It’s vital in helping hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, dental practices and other care centers manage their day-to-day schedules.

White Paper | Presented by DTEX Systems

Remote Workforce Security Report

This Remote Workforce Security Report reveals the state of securing the new workforce, key challenges and unique security threats faced by organizations, technology gaps and preferences, investment priorities, and more.

White Paper | Presented by SafeGraph

SafeGraph’s Data Evaluation Checklist

Not all data is created equal. Here are 4 things to look for at all times.

Speeding Financial Services’ Digital Transformation with Document Scanning

Streamline workflows, enhance security, and improve customer satisfaction with the right scanning solution.

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