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Accelerating, sharpening customer insights with cloud-native data services

To better understand and serve customers, organizations must not only tap more data, and more types of data from more sources; they also need to gather, analyze and act on this data far more quickly than ever before.

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Digital Transformation Requires Changing Security Frameworks

Cybersecurity is continually evolving, becoming more sophisticated and difficult to detect. At the same time, digital transformation to support a more remote workforce and customer experience is increasingly more mobile.

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Preparing Your Technology Foundation for a New Hybrid World

There’s a lot to do. Extending, enhancing, and securing your network technology foundation will help enable better customer and employee experiences, business agility, and risk management. Let's get started.

What’s keeping Canada from being an IT Talent Magnet?

With more competition than ever for hiring IT talent in Canada, how are you attracting the best and brightest? From offering meaningful work to embracing hybrid environments, CIOs whose organizations have established virtuous IT recruiting cycles share tips on how to consistently attract IT talent.

Azure for Healthcare—Healthcare Solutions | Microsoft Azure

Deliver better health insights and outcomes as you enhance patient engagement, empower health team collaboration, and improve clinical informatics and operational insights—with trusted cloud capabilities.

Connected Wellness: Rehab and Home Health

By instrumenting and adding intelligence to the health monitoring process, providers and individuals can better predict and ward off adverse events.

How Digital is Redefining the Future of Health Insurance

In the post-pandemic world, payers find themselves uniquely positioned to leverage technologies to spur innovation and efficiencies.

Making Clinical Encounters Smarter and More Personalized

Instrumenting patient and provider interactions with connected devices that provide continuous data can result in better therapies, treatments and understanding, improving our collective wellbeing.

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare provides capabilities to manage health data at scale and make it easier for healthcare organizations to improve the patient experience.

The Individual as the Foundation of Healthcare Data

Realizing the true promise of the information that flows across the healthcare and life sciences continuum requires a new understanding of data management, analytics and decision-making — which a holistic approach to device connectivity can deliver.

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