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White Paper | Presented by Mimecast

Are Your Employees Behaving Badly?

Only 11% of organizations continuously train employees on how to spot cyberattacks. 24% admit to monthly training, and 52% perform training only quarterly or once a year.

White Paper | Presented by Mimecast

Conversational Geek: Office 365 Risk Mitigation

The right third-party solution can ensure email is protected against advanced cyberattacks and guarantee service availability SLA.

White Paper | Presented by Mimecast

Building a Modern Information Governance Strategy

Learn more about new information management landscape requiring a new approach.

White Paper | Presented by Mimecast

Osterman Research: Best Practices for Implementing Security Awareness Training

What if your employees were more informed about security threats, more skeptical about what they receive in email, and less likely to click on malicious links in email without first verifying them?

Adaptable and Flexible Business Continuity Solutions for Retail

Meeting the Critical Demands of the Industry Driven by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

White Paper | Presented by Mimecast

Does Office 365 Deliver the Email Security and Resilience Enterprises Need?

According to ESG, 60% of corporate knowledge workers are reporting that email remains their most commonly used mode of communication.

ExtremeCloud™ IQ for Retail

Utilizing Extreme Network’s third-generation cloud technology, ExtremeCloud IQ is transforming the retail industry.

White Paper | Presented by Nvidia

Getting Started With AI Software

To derive insights from all this data, organizations need substantial compute power, coupled with developer tools and optimized algorithms.

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Planning for Office 365 Gaps

Don’t Hope For Cyber Resilience … Plan For It

White Paper | Presented by Box

Platform overload? Time to simplify.

More than one platform for securely managing content is, well, too many. Even so, 2019 Netskope research shows the average enterprise uses 1,295 cloud services — about 87 of which tackle collaboration alone. Data has multiplied exponentially and so, too, have the number of apps and servers vying for your files and attention.

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