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White Paper | Presented by Comcast

Network and Security Integration Tops IT Team Retooling Goals

Line-of-business objectives and modernization efforts drive IT leaders to recalibrate how to integrate networks and security and upskill teams.

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Digital Transformation Requires Changing Security Frameworks

Cybersecurity is continually evolving, becoming more sophisticated and difficult to detect. At the same time, digital transformation to support a more remote workforce and customer experience is increasingly more mobile.

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From Remote to Hybrid, the Significance of Digital Connectivity

As the pandemic recedes, where do you work within the hybrid model? Accommodating a workforce that is constantly in motion is an even more complex challenge for IT stakeholders. Enter Comcast Business solutions.

White Paper | Presented by Comcast

Making the SD-WAN Business Case, with Affordable Connectivity

Fact: SD-WAN is a game-changer for wide area networking. It combines the use of multiple active branch links, intelligent direction of traffic across those links, and effective centralized management of the WAN as a whole.

White Paper | Presented by Comcast

Managing Network Operations in a Hybrid Connectivity World

How critical are network management and orchestration tools in efficiently running a hybrid network? Comcast Business isn't afraid to ask the hard questions, and more importantly, provide effective, customized solutions.

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Planning for Growth — Your Digital-to-Hybrid Transformation

In sports and entertainment, digital connectivity became transformational after March 2020. Explore how organizations invested in intelligent hybrid environments, with current tools and next-generation process ideation.

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Preparing Your Technology Foundation for a New Hybrid World

There’s a lot to do. Extending, enhancing, and securing your network technology foundation will help enable better customer and employee experiences, business agility, and risk management. Let's get started.

White Paper | Presented by Comcast

Role of SD-WAN in Securing the Expanding Network Perimeter

Did you know that the worldwide sales of SD-WAN technologies are forecasted to grow at double-digit rates over each of the next five years to surpass $3.2 billion in 2024? The benefits of SD-WAN technology are formidable.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Comcast

Securing the Perimeter-less Enterprise

Understanding the shift in corporate infrastructure, and how enterprises ensure network security is vital. As a result of the pandemic, the proliferation of remote workers has increased reliance on cloud-based applications.

Analyst Report | Presented by Comcast

Shifting Cybersecurity to Support the Remote Workforce

Fact: the number of remote workers is expected to increase by nearly a third this year and into 2021, causing most organizations to ramp up their investments in cybersecurity solutions to fend off threats.

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