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13 Workplace Utilization Metrics Every IT Leader Should Track

Do you know your average meeting size? Your room recapture rate? When IT leaders have access to this type of in-depth workplace utilization data, they can add more value to their organizations in the future. Here are 13 important workplace analytics you should have on your radar.

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5 Workplace Technology Trends for the Post-Pandemic Era

COVID-19 has accelerated changes to the way we work. While IT leaders may not be directly responsible for facilitating a return to the office, they are tasked with making work as productive as possible, wherever it happens. Stay on top of workplace technology trends so you can help employees thrive in this new era.

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From Burnout to Bliss: New Rules for Creating Workplace Happiness

What would you do if four out of every 10 of your company’s employees gave their resignation this year? To avoid becoming a casualty of what TechRepublic has called "The Great Resignation", companies need to invest in ways to reduce employee burnout. Learn how to recognize employee burnout in your workplace, as well as what proactive steps you can take to combat this issue and retain top talent.

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How IT and HR Can Build Trust While Bringing Employees Back to the Office

Thinking about the return to work, how to build trust with your workforce, and what data you should consider? Tune into this webinar where Teem by iOFFICE's VPs of IT and HR share their plans to successfully return employees to the office.

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How IT Leaders are Tackling The Return to Office

How will you ensure you have systems in place for a smooth return to work? In this webinar, IT leaders can find solutions for return-to-office planning. Learn how to have the right conversations, avoid communication breakdowns, improve technologies, and more.

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How IT Leaders Can Support a Safe Return to Work

Many employees want to return to the office — but they also have reservations about how they’ll stay healthy and safe in their new environment. IT leaders play a critical role in alleviating these concerns, by implementing technology that supports wellness checks, limits capacity, and helps employees find clean, safe spaces to work. Follow these guidelines to ensure a safe workplace return

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How Room Scheduling Software Benefits Your Bottom Line

The average conference room sits empty for 70% of the day, yet employees say they can't find a place to meet. Room scheduling software gives IT leaders the insights they need to recapture wasted real estate — an organization's second-largest expense — and eliminate employee frustrations. Learn more about the pressing problems room scheduling software helps enterprises solve.

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How to Get Employees Warmed Up to Hot Desking

Hot desking can help you reduce real estate costs, but hot desking anxiety is real. In a recent return-to-work survey, nearly 1 in 5 employees said they want their workplace to eliminate it entirely. With the right desk booking system, you can alleviate employee concerns over hot desking and get them excited about this approach. Download this free e-book to learn how.

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Instructure Delivers Intuitive Employee Experience with Teem

Faced with a rapidly expanding workforce, Instructure — a leading SaaS learning technology company — wanted to ensure their employee experience remained seamless and connected while lightening the load of administrative IT tasks. With the help of Teem, Instructure made it easy for employees to find the optimal workspaces and provide leaders with mission critical data. Learn how.

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State of Workplace Tech

IT leaders have longed for digital transformation. And in this past year, they've gained a captive audience as glaring gaps in the workplace technology stack have come to light. With the C-suite's attention, the next steps are to identify where to invest one’s maximize workplace technology budget, and factors to consider. Teem surveyed nearly 300 IT leaders to find out.

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