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Gain Higher Productivity with 2-in-1 PC

Your mobile workforce needs devices that are both versatile and allow for higher productivity. Increasingly, such as 2-in-1 devices like convertible notebooks or detachable tablets. IDC research shows that using Dell 2-in-1 devices, powered by 8th Generation Intel® Core™ processors, made people more productive while being less physically demanding and required less effort. Download the executive summary for highlights of the IDC study and to find out why people prefer using 2-in-1 devices over traditional laptops.

White Paper | Presented by Nvidia

Considerations When Building a Multi-Node Environment Based on NVIDIA DGX-1

In this document we’ll explore these considerations using deep neural networks (DNN) as our example of a GPU-accelerated workload for which DGX-1 can be deployed in a multi-node cluster, and how to approach it.

White Paper | Presented by Dropbox

How To Be A Digital Change Agent

It’s up to IT teams to bridge the anytime, anywhere convenience of cloud apps and the security of enterprise-grade data-sharing solutions. But how exactly can you drive digital change in your organization, while helping employees find their flow?

White Paper | Presented by Dropbox

Forbes Insight: Why Businesses Need a Collaboration Strategy

To understand the value of an enterprise collaboration strategy, Forbes Insights is teaming up with Dropbox Business to explain why collaboration efforts go awry and how businesses can build a culture of collaboration to drive value.

eBook | Presented by Dropbox

Build more efficiently with collaborative tools

Collaboration is the cornerstone of any successful project. Architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) teams are no strangers to working together. It takes seamless collaboration from on- and off-site teams to move projects from bid to completion.

eBook | Presented by Dropbox

Secure Mobility in Higher Education

Dropbox Education can take learning environments to new heights and open up academic collaboration, while complying with the standards and regulations important to institutions like yours.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Dropbox

The Modern Enterprise

Get work and collaborative insights from Dropbox, Slack and Asana.

White Paper | Presented by Dropbox

Dropbox Business: Getting The Most From Collaboration

Adopting Dropbox Business enables an organization to gain control of shared data while meeting the many security mandates that challenge enterprises of all sizes.

Use Cases to Deliver Stronger Branch Office Connectivity

This white paper will explain how Citrix SD-WAN enables organizations to fulfill these initiatives and complement the benefits of the cloud. Furthermore, it will explore how to augment the capabilities of Citrix SD-WAN by running the solution on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Developing Smart Cities & Communities

This white paper explores the current and potential benefits of wireless network technologies and the IoT to expand efficiencies and open up new possibilities for public sector organizations such as cities, counties, states, and federal government. It also takes a look at the network challenges facing these agencies, and offers solutions and best practices to mitigate these challenges.

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