Securely Manage 3rd Party Remote Access to CyberArk

Organizations rely on a variety of 3rd party vendors for critical operations and tasks. Most typically have a combination of VPNs, agents and ad hoc processes for securely providing their remote vendors with access to critical internal systems. These options carry a set of difficulties for both users and administrators. There is now a better way to provide access.

CyberArk® Alero™ is a new SaaS based solution that combines Zero Trust access, biometric authentication and just-in-time provisioning for remote vendors who need access to critical systems managed by the CyberArk Privileged Access Security Solution.

Watch on demand to learn:

  • About the challenges in using VPN-based, agent-based, password-based and other legacy solutions for remote vendor access
  • How biometric authentication and just-in-time provisioning can be combined to securely provide and provision access to 3rd party vendor users
  • How to simply manage and administer the 3rd party vendors that need access to your critical internal systems